Dental Onlays in Valencia

An Onlay Restoration is a custom fabricated filling made of composite, gold or porcelain. It is sometimes referred to as a partial crown. It’s similar to an Inlay except that extends out to replace the cusp of a tooth. When the tooth cusp is fractured, or the remaining tooth structure is weak, an onlay is probably your best choice. Onlays are an ideal alternative to crowns because less of your natural tooth is removed.

We utilize Cerec in our practice so onlays can are finished in just one appointment. We first remove the defect or decay. A digital scan is taken and sent to our 3D milling machine to create the inlay. We then insert and adjust the onlay and provide instructions for care. Good oral hygiene and habits along with routine dental visits will help in the longevity of any dental work or restorations.

Dental Onlays