Cerec Same Day Crowns in Valencia

Yes – it can be done! In just one appointment, you’ll be measured for your crown, the crown will be made while you wait, and you’ll walk out with your perfectly fitted, custom-colored crown permanently bonded to your tooth.

The latest CAD/CAM technology makes this possible. First, a camera captures a digital image of the tooth. Next, a computer creates a 3-D model, and a porcelain block is crafted to create the crown, custom-colored to match your existing teeth. No more gooey, sticky molds, temporary crowns coming off and leaving raw nerves exposed, and having to make two appointments just for one tooth. You can expect your same-day crown appointments to take about two hours.

May Conte DDS makes getting a healthy, happy smile faster and easier. What are you waiting for? Call for an appointment today!

Cerec Same Day Crowns