Electric Toothbrush vs. Manual

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Electric Toothbrush vs. Manual

Posted on Sunday, August 21st, 2016 at 10:08 pm.

The world of toothbrushes are many. But if you’re looking for the best and easiest way to take care of your teeth, it’s not that hard to decide between electric and manual. Unlike a manual brush, an electric brush does the work for you. Here are some reasons why they can help prevent gum disease and a healthier,happier mouth.

  1. Electric toothbrushes have more cleaning power. Some can deliver up to 48,800 movements per minute, while a regular manual toothbrush can only deliver 300 to 600 movements per minute. They can remove plaque up to 10 times more than a manual toothbrush.
  2. They have technology that help break down and remove plaque easier and more efficiently. They have superior oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology. The round brush head pulsates to loosen plaque and then oscillates and rotates to sweep the plaque away. They also have several modes and intensities to improve gum health and get a thorough clean such as polish clean, gum care, sensitive and tongue cleanliness.
  3. Many have built in timers. Most everyone underestimates the amount of time they should brush. With a manual toothbrush, it’s easy to lose track of time. Dental professionals recommend brushing twice daily for two minutes. That means each quadrant of your mouth gets 30 seconds of brush time. Electric Toothbrushes include two-minute timers that take you through this routine, ensuring you get a complete clean every time you brush.
  4. Many have audio and/or visual pressure sensors built-in to alert you if too much force is applied while brushing. This can help prevent recession of gums.
  5. You can use different sized detachable heads so that you can use smaller heads to clean those hard to reach areas.

So if you’re looking for a more efficient clean, an electric toothbrush is your best bet. We want you to have a healthy and happy mouth that you can keep for your lifetime! Keep it clean and keep it forever.

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