Don’t ruin my smile, Mary Jane

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Don’t ruin my smile, Mary Jane

Posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2016 at 10:17 pm.

While Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, won’t have as dramatic, serious effects on your teeth as a drug like methamphetamines, it can still mean bad news for your oral health. Marijuana’s harmful effects on the mouth include bad breath, dry mouth, decay, and the risk of mouth cancer. It contains the main psychoactive constituent delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis is most commonly smoked, however it can be added to foods. THC from cannabis enters the bloodstream and exerts its effects on the almost every system of the body, chiefly the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems.

Marijuana usually is smoked through a cigarette rolled with thin papers or through a pipe. The immediate effects include dry mouth and throat. Continued dry mouth increases the likelihood of gum disease. Proper saliva flow is important particularly to lubricate, cleanse, diminish bacteria build up and buffer the mouth. Gum disease has been linked to medical problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Habitual marijuana users are also more likely become lax on personal care and proper oral hygiene and consume large quantities of sugary or fatty foods. Also, the smoke from marijuana causes bad breath. All this can lead to cavities and periodontal/gum disease.

THC interferes with the transfer of calcium through the body, a vital ingredient to healthy teeth and bones. Since it interferes with the process of calcium absorption, continued use of marijuana can lead to tooth decay and potential tooth loss.

Research have shown that Cannabis smoke acts as a carcinogen and is associated with abnormal changes and lesions within the oral environment. Users are also prone to oral infections, possibly due to associations related to decreased immune system from long term use.

Dental treatment on patients intoxicated on cannabis can result in the patient experiencing anxiety, intense emotional and mental discomfort and psychotic-like paranoiac thoughts. A dose of marijuana causes the heart rate to rise initially and the use of local anesthetic containing epinephrine may seriously prolong the increased heart rate.

The risks on your health are simply not worth the temporary high. It’s encouraged to seek help and discuss use with your medical, dental, and related experienced professionals. Your overall health and well being is highly important to us. Repairing the damage done to your teeth is also an important component of your recovery. Coming in for regular dental checkups help to catch early signs of erosion, decay and other oral symptoms from drug use or history of drug use. Early diagnosis and repair along with recovery is important to prevent larger, long-term oral damage. For more info, please call the office at 661-505-2926. Our address is 25385 Wayne Mills Pl. Valencia, Ca. 91355 in the plaza on the corner of Magic Mountain Pkwy and Tourney Rd. As always, we look forward to providing you with outstanding health and dental care!