BIOLASE Epic™ Laser Dentistry in Valencia

Dr. Conte now offers highly effective BIOLASE Epic™ technology in her office. Epic Dentistry is a gentle laser treatment alternative used in many dental procedures, including protocols for periodontal disease and various soft tissue concerns. 

Dr. Conte is qualified to utilize the minimally invasive Epic™ to treat many dental conditions with less discomfort to the patient and in some cases use less anesthetic. Epic Dentistry uses a unique technology that combines focused light and thermal energy for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. Dr. Conte offers Epic™ treatments to patients who would like to receive laser treatment as an alternative to more traditional oral surgery methods.

Those who suffer from anxiety due to past dental experiences or fear of needles are more likely to feel calm and relaxed when receiving treatment with the gentle Epic™ system. Laser-based dental care has also been shown to cause less swelling and bleeding at the treatment site. Patients have been shown to recover more quickly with the use of laser treatment making dental care a much more convenient and pleasant experience.

BIOLASE Epic™ Laser Dentistry